What Color Paint Goes With Cherry Wood?

Want to add a sophisticated touch to your painting project? The warm-toned cherry wood color is perfect. But on its own, it might not offer you the result you want. That’s where complementary colors come into play.

So, what color paint goes with cherry wood?

The neutral-toned colors are the best complementary colors for cherry wood. That includes beige, white, light grey, grey, and faded yellow. You can also add earthy colors, which include pale green, taupe, and lemongrass.

But how well do these colors go with cherry wood? And which one should you go for to get the look you want? You find all the details below!

Shades of Cherry Wood

Before getting into the details of the complementary color, you should have a proper idea about the shade of cherry wood you are working with. And generally, cherry wood comes in these shades –

1. Black Cherry

This is one of the most widely used cherry wood out there. And it is also known by different names. For example, you might know it as American Cherry.

As you can guess, this type of cherry wood is generally found in the US. You will find them in the eastern states.

It is also prevalent in Central America and Canada. And one of the interesting facts is that its trees can grow taller than 100 feet. When you cut these trees, you will be presented with pinkish-brown wood, which will become reddish-brown over time.

There can be some curly patterns within the wood. But the main factor is that the wood grain tends to be straight.

2. Sweet Cherry

Otherwise known as wild cheery or European cherry, sweet cherry wood is typically common in the Asian and European continents. One of the main highlights of this wood is that it is a bit tougher than black cherry wood.

Nonetheless, unlike the black cherry trees, the trees of sweet cherry can grow up to 65 feet. And in terms of wood, sweet cherry has a more golden brown appearance, which becomes pretty evident when exposed to light.

The wood also features some wavy grain. But there are no curly patterns like the black cherry. Instead, the grain tends to be straight.

3. Caribbean Cherry

This cherry wood comes in different variations. You will find them in tan, yellow, deep red, and brown colors. Basically, the color of the wood depends on the climate the tree was in.

Other than that, the wood grain can be irregular, straight, or interlocked. And in most cases, home designers will utilize it for flooring and furniture. Rarely will you find it in small furniture as the wood has a high hardness level.

4. Chilean Cherry

Otherwise known as Coigue, Chillean cherry wood is a part of the beech family. And you will typically find them in Chile and Argentina. It is much softer than other cherry wood versions, making it easier to mold.

However, you will hardly find them for common furniture as they are pretty rare. And that also means that the wood is a bit on the pricier end. In terms of colors, it varies. The wood can come in anything from pale pink to warm amber.

5. Brazilian Cherry

Part of the legume family, Brazilian cherry wood is a dense wood. Due to its density, it mostly sees use for flooring. Nonetheless, on this wood, you will find an interlocking grain, which indeed has an interesting pattern to it.

And when it comes to color, it varies. You can find it from light orange-brown to reddish brown. Furthermore, for its high hardness level, you can even consider it somewhat scratch-resistant.

6. Patagonian Cherry

In South America, Patagonia cherry trees can grow as tall as 165 feet. And if you cut one open, you will find a pale brown wood with a light orange, pinkish, or yellow hue.

It should also be noted that the wood is from the rose family and is relatively harder than the Brazilian cherry wood. Also, most of these trees will have wood with a straight grain texture, often of darker black and brown streaks.

Colors that Goes With Cherry Wood

Now that you have a fair idea about the colors of different cherry wood, it is time to discuss the colors that go well with them. However, before getting into those, you must understand why neutral colors complement cherry wood.

The thing is pieces of furniture made of cherry wood stand out by themselves. For that reason, neutral-toned colors can complement the furniture exceptionally well.

On that note, you can say the same thing about earthy colors. However, not all earthy colors share the same story. Some will be less complementary than others. And at its core, it all depends on your taste.

So, what are those neutral-tone or earthy colors, and how well do they go with cherry wood? Let’s get into it:

Beige or Faded Yellow

Any warm or faded color is a good complementary color for cherry wood. And it doesn’t matter which type of cherry wood you have. In fact, when you fill your room with warm tones, you will see a noticeable difference in terms of coziness level.

But where should you actually use these colors? Well, painting the wall yellow would be an ideal move. You can also add other decorative pieces that are light pale or beige.

Grey or Light Grey

Both light grey and grey go exceptionally well with cherry wood. But light grey is the perfect option if you do not want to make the complimentary color overpower the cherry wood furniture.

That said, light grey has the ability to add depth to rooms. And as it is one of the neutral-toned colors, it will not hide your cherry wood furniture. Conversely, grey will allow you to make your rooms appear cleaner and more vibrant.

So, no matter which you choose, you will end up with a complementary color that will go exceptionally well with the furniture. And not to mention that these two colors will make your room look more aesthetically pleasing.


Lemongrass is one of the earthy colors that blends exceptionally well with cherry wood. And if you have used it before, you probably know how cheerful it is. That is, it can make your bedroom vibrant pretty much instantly.


Another earthy color that complements cherry wood is taupe. While you might feel otherwise, as the color is pretty strong, it can indeed contrast the cherry wood uniquely. And most importantly, the two colors balance each other perfectly.

Pale Green

Hands down, pale green can bring out the best in cherry wood. In fact, it can make the furniture look even better. With this color, you can create a much more refreshing ambiance that will convey nothing but peacefulness and harmony.

So, if you can not decide on any of the above colors, go with pale green. You will not make the wrong decision!

Accent Colors that Go Well With Cherry Wood

Some accent colors go reasonably well with cherry wood. You can keep mustard yellow, creamy ivory, caramel, red, brown, and pastel in your options when it comes to warm-toned colors.

On the other hand, for dark accent colors, you can choose from jewel green, purple, royal blue, and indigo blue. Although these colors might appear to be strong at first, they can uniquely accent your room and complement cherry wood.

Final Words

Now that you know the answer to what color paint goes with cherry wood, you can make the most informed decision. And remember, the choice should eventually depend on your taste.

Do not go with a color that you don’t find appealing. After all, you don’t want your room to look like a mess, right?

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