Rim’s Paint Remover

Suppose you have a nicely painted shiny vehicle with rusty rims. Isn’t that annoying? Your car or any vehicle’s rim condition impacts its overall outlook.

Or simply, you are bored with the same color rims and want to change the color.

In both above-mentioned situations, you must remove the paint. You have two options. Either you go to a car repair shop or do it yourself. We will suggest some rim paint remover for newbies if you want to remove the paint by yourself. We assure you that DIY paint remover must give you the satisfaction of painting by yourself. Additionally, it will save you money. 

What are you waiting for? Jump into it.

Rim’s Paint Remover

We have applied a few methods to take the paint of stainless-steel rims. Based on the results, we have finalized a few of the techniques.

If you have made up your mind to clear all the old paint from the rim of your vehicle to repaint it, then you are in the right place to learn about the easy ways of paint removal.

Before we check, Let’s have a look at the rim paint removal methods:

Things you need:

  • Paint remover of choice
  • Stiff-bristle toothbrush
  • Old clothes or soft clean rag
  • Hose and water
  • Tools to remove the wheels
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill with a brush attachment
  • Pressure washer (optional)
  • Work light (optional)


GOO GONE remover

Our first recommendation is Goo Gone. This popular stain remover is a proven way to get off various soils & stains including spray paint.  The ways of removing stains with Goo Gone are mentioned below.

  1. Either you can spray the Goo Gone paint remover or apply it with a clean cloth to the stain. 
  2. It’s time to rub the paint with a cloth or a large heavy bristle brush to soften the paint.
  3. Take off the loosened paint with a dry cloth.
  4.  Repeat this several times continuously. You may have to clean the rims 3-4 times to get rid of the paint completely.
  5. To get a clean rim, wash it with water & soap to peel off the remained paint.

2) Goof off

GOOF OFF paint remover

Start with gathering the necessary supplies to wipe away the paint on the wheel.

  • A Goof off can.
  • Old soft cloth.
  • Warm water (a bucket full).

Spread the Goof off paint remover on the wheel. Using an old cloth or rag for spreading the paint will make the job easier.

For better results, rub the painted area with the wet rag.

After a few minutes, you will notice cracks in the paint.  Don’t stop rubbing the rim otherwise, the paint won’t peel off completely.

You are almost done. Wipe out the remaining paint particles with warm water. Make sure it’s completely dry when you are repainting the rim.

3) Using paint thinner

Paint thinner

Paint thinner usually being used for thinning paint. It works well for cleaning the wheel as well.

Either use a rag or a soft paintbrush to cover the rim with the paint thinner.

After a while, the paint starts peeling off. It is high time to start rubbing the rims to take off the paint.

Repeat the process 2-3 times to get a clean wheel. Then, wash it with warm water and dry out the rim to apply paint again.

You can use the paint thinner cleaning method for a specific car area or the rim.

4) Acetone method

Acetone method

If you have decided to remove the paint with acetone, then take the rims in an open and ventilated place.

  • In the second step, wear rubber gloves to soak a clean cloth with acetone.
  • Put the soaked cloth on the rim to spread the acetone thoroughly.
  • When the paint is loosening up, start scrubbing the rim with a clean cloth.
  • Wipe out with clean water and your rim is ready to be painted.

5) Smart strip method

Smart strip method

A smart strip is another easiest way to remove spray paint. Just simply follow the instructions mentioned in the packet. If you are a beginner, this strip is the best solution to clean the paint up. Apply it on the rim. Wait for a few minutes and rub the rim with a rag or brush.

Another way of removing rim paint is adhesive remover.

Other Paint Remover

One method of removing paint might not work every time. If any of the above-listed methods of removing the paint from the wheels don’t work, then you have to follow another way to speed up the process along with the previous one.

 For example, you have used penetrating oil (WD-40) or any commercial paint remover to soften the paint, but it doesn’t work well. Now you should use a higher grit sandpaper or pressure washer to clean up the rest of the paint.

We have listed a few more paint-removing techniques.

  • Power Washing.
  • WD-40 penetrating oil.
  • Fine-grade Steel Wool.
  • Graffiti Remover
  • Wire Brush with soft bristles.
  • Chemical Paint Removers/ Solvent (alcohol, mineral spirits).
  • Sandblasting.
  • Grinding. 
  • Heat Gun.
  • Commercial paint remover.
  • Citrus-based cleaner.
  • Brake cleaner
  • Heat gun

Note: Put on safety gear whenever using these power tools. To avoid damaging wheels, first test the paint remover on a small area. Take time to clean the wheel up since it is a delicate process. If you failed to remove the paint by using these removers, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help.


1. How do I remove paint from the aluminium rim?

To remove spray paint, paint remover is a good option. In the case of rust-preventive paint, you shouldn’t try DIY methods. Ask for professional help to avoid the danger of oxidized aluminium.

2. How do I get paint off from chrome rims?

The simple way of removing paint from a chrome surface is soaking the rim in the paint remover, and then sanding it.  Another way is high-pressure washing.

3. Does acetone bad for chrome rims?

Yes, it causes rusting. Mineral oils are the best alternative to acetone.

4.  Will acetone damage rims?

This solvent may damage some rims if you aren’t sure about the material of the rims. Never use acetone. It can dissolve synthetic rubber/ plastics.

Wrap up

Our main motive was to educate you about the basic paint remover. Chrome rims are more delicate than stainless steel rims. So use the particular method of removing paint for chrome. We know spray paint is hard to clean up compared to other paint. Try two methods together for spray paint removal.

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