Does Lowes Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

Like Home Depot, Lowe’s is a go-to supplier for all sorts of paint and renovation products. And considering they’re rival retail corporations, Lowe’s offers some of the services Home Depot can’t, and vice versa, for solely promotional purposes. But does Lowe’s sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Unfortunately, like Home Depot, Lowe’s can’t sell or even store Benjamin Moore paint in the local stores and retailers. As of 2023, the provision to keep Benjamin Moore out of corporate retail chains is still in play. Hence, Benjamin Moore can only be found in factory-owned stores, and Lowe’s, alongside Home Depot, doesn’t fulfill these criteria.

However, even though Lowe’s can’t directly sell Benjamin Moore paint, the stores can offer great alternatives. Today, let’s go over some of these worthwhile Lowe’s alternatives so that you don’t have to go home empty-handed the next time!

Why Can’t Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

While there have been various rumors over the years regarding a partnership between Lowe’s and Benjamin Moore, the agreement has never seen the light of day.

And here’s why –

Independent Ownership

Benjamin Moore takes pride in its independent ownership, and the brand has operated independently for over a century. Despite the rumors, the brand has no intention of going into any affiliations with other corporations, let alone retailers.

The fact that Lowe’s represents a variety of other paint brands, such as Sherwin-Williams, KILZ, Valspar, etc., is a strict no-go according to Benjamin Moore’s in-house policies. Additionally, the brand demands sophistication and quality. And Benjamin Moore doesn’t want to be overshadowed by multiple paint brands by partnering up with a retail chain.

Authorized Dealership

Not only does Benjamin Moore prohibit Lowe’s from selling its paint, primers, etc., but it also prohibits the subsidiaries from engaging in formal or virtual transactions. Benjamin Moore can only be sold directly from the website or via authorized factory-owned dealers or stores.

This is due to a special provision that Warren Buffet included during the acquisition of the company in 2000. In order to maintain the integrity of the paint and its stock quality, Benjamin Moore wouldn’t be pawned off to hot-shot retail corporations such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. Hence, despite multiple serious offers, the brand has constantly turned down the opportunity to showcase its products at big box stores.

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3 Lowe’s Substitutes For Benjamin Moore Paint

So what if you can’t find Benjamin Moore paint at Lowe’s? Here are 3 amazing substitutes that you can go for instead!

1.   Sherwin-Williams

Lowe’s has always been one step ahead of Home Depot due to its partnership with Sherwin-Williams. Sherwin-Williams is a prominent environment-friendly paint brand well-known for the same principles as Benjamin Moore.

From the quality of the texture to the finish, Sherwin-Williams is the only other private brand to give Benjamin Moore a run for its money. Like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, too, refuses to work with regular retailers. However, Lowe’s is an exception due to a long-standing arrangement between the two corporations.

The most popular Sherwin-Williams paint at Lowe’s includes – Sherwin-Williams Infinity, Ovation Plus & Showcase. Between the three, Infinity costs a little over $50 per gallon, but the one-coat protection makes up for the double price. Hence, it’s also the most value-for-money Sherwin-Williams paint option at Lowe’s in terms of price and longevity.

2.   Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum paint is a great affordable option for both DIY and serious renovation projects. You can achieve an amazing finish with Rust-Oleum paint, which is kind of surprising considering the low price point.

However, Benjamin Moore still provides a better finish, and there’s no doubt about that. But if you want a low-cost rust-preventative Satin finish, feel free to go for the Rust-Oleum Satin paint, which costs only around $5/12 oz. The paint works well on both metal and wood surfaces, and it’s good to paint to use on knobs, light fixtures, etc.

3.   Valspar

Valspar, unlike Benjamin Moore, works exclusively with Lowe’s and a few other independent retailers. The brand is famous for two specific features. Firstly, it provides a glossy and rich finish, and secondly, the surface coating is abrasion-resistant, i.e., the paint doesn’t peel off easily.

You can get the Valspar paint options for around $40-$50 per gallon at Lowe’s. In fact, whichever shade of Benjamin Moore you’re looking for, Lowe’s will be able to provide an exact Valspar shade in less than a few minutes.

Where To Get Original Benjamin Moore Paint Cans?

If you’re not satisfied with the substitutes and need the original product, here’s where you can find ’em –

Authorized Stores

Even though you can’t find original Benjamin Moore paint cans at Lowe’s, it doesn’t mean your options are limited. There are around 7500 stores around the world with authorized personnel to sell and advocate for the paint.

To find the nearest store, simply use the official store locator feature from Benjamin Moore. You can also choose the extent of the distance radius to narrow down your options.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware primarily works with small business owners, and they’ve got a special affiliation with Benjamin Moore. From the proper palettes to customer favorites, you’ll find every single one of your dream Benjamin Moore shades here.


Surprisingly enough, Benjamin Moore paint cans are available at Walmart, both online and offline. However, in most cases, you’ll find that more options are available online, as the physical stores don’t contain all the samples.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Worth The Extra Trip?

Retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s work as an affordable, hassle-free, and all-in-one stop for paint supplies. But even then, people put in the extra time, energy, and sometimes, even money to go for Benjamin Moore’s paint instead.

Here’s why Benjamin Moore paint is worth the extra trip –


Standard and consistent quality – that’s everything Benjamin Moore stands for in the first place. If you need high-end paint for a luxury finish throughout the house, very few paint brands can work, as well as Benjamin Moore.


Since the brand focuses on quality over availability, Benjamin Moore offers promising versatility both indoors and outdoors. The rich and multi-purpose interior paint collection is especially a sight to behold.

For instance – the Aura line showcases the Aura Interior and Aura Bath & Spa paints. And very few brands can top the finish quality of this paint line.

Color-Lock Technology

Benjamin Moore also takes pride in its in-house color-lock technology, which is the primary reason behind the longevity of the paint. Compared to other brands, Benjamin Moore interior and exterior paint can survive vapor, high temperature, chemical spillage, etc., with a lot more vivacity.

Mildew-Prevention Technology

Lastly, all Benjamin Moore paint is manufactured with the common goal of mildew, moss, fungi, etc., prevention. The technology is further amplified in the exterior paint lines to thoroughly prevent mildew infestation during rainy seasons. The burnish technology not only works as a protective layer but also helps to keep the surface scuff and scratch-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use a different brand primer with Benjamin Moore paint?

Yes, you can use a different brand primer with Benjamin Moore paint. However, the brand does offer its own line of primers to best complement the paint bases. Hence, unless it’s an emergency, it’s best to stick to the in-house primers.

Q: How long does it take for the Benjamin Moore Paint to go bad after opening the cans?

If you leave the cans open and unattended, the paint will start to go bad within two years or so. Again, depending on the humidity levels and the temperature discrepancies, it can take much less than that for the paint to go bad.

Q: Can you recycle Benjamin Moore’s paint?

Like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore also actively works with the PaintCare program to recycle old paint. If you live in the States, you can use the drop-off site locator feature to dispose of the old Benjamin Moore paint.

Again, you can use similar non-profit sites such as to recycle old paint, primers, etc. Alternatively, if you live in Canada and need to drop off some old Benjamin Moore paint, look up the Product Care program instead.

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Q: Does Lowe’s offer Benjamin Moore color samples?

No, alongside the original paint bases, Lowes can’t store the small 8 oz Benjamin Moore paint samples either. However, you can just as easily bring your own sample to the retailer. And the associates can use that sample to match the color right down to the pattern, hue, and texture.

Before You Go

So, it’s evident that neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot have the authorization to store or sell Benjamin Moore paint. And while that may seem troublesome at first, it’s actually a pretty great initiative to keep good products off the retailer chains.

Progressive paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, etc., worry more about the quality of the paint than promotional tactics. To know more about reserved marketing policies like these, read up on: Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin-Williams Paint?

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