Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin Williams Paint | 3 Alternative Options To Try Out!

Home Depot is the go-to spot for DIY enthusiasts due to the sheer availability of decor and renovation products. Especially if you want to paint your house, office, etc., you’ll find many different paint brands to choose from. But does Home Depot sell Sherwin-Williams paint? If not, why so?

Home Depot, in fact, doesn’t sell Sherwin-Williams paint. Sherwin-Williams has a long-standing partnership with another well-known American retailer – Lowe’s. This partnership prohibits another retailer, such as Home Depot, from storing or selling Sherwin-Williams products.

So, if you’re looking to use the nearest Home Depot to get a can of Sherwin-Williams for an urgent repainting session, you won’t have much luck. However, there are always alternatives to try out, and that’s the topic of today’s write-up!

Why Can’t You Buy Sherwin-Williams Paint At Home Depot?

While Home Depot is a safe haven for several renowned paint brands, Sherwin-Williams isn’t one of them.

And here’s why –

Sherwin-Williams launched HGTV Home via Lowe’s back in 2015, and ever since, the partnership has remained rock solid. Lowe’s has also since invested in multiple expansions for Sherwin-Williams to have a better market evaluation.

Lowe’s, on the other hand, is one of the prominent competitors of Home Depot as they’re both based in the USA. Hence, even without the partnership, they can’t represent or sell the products of the competitor brands.

All in all, the Sherwin-Williams paint can only be sold via Lowe’s outlets and local representatives of the retailer. Home Depot can neither store nor sell its paint cans or samples.

How & Where To Buy Sherwin-Williams Paint?

Have you ever wondered – Does Sherwin-Williams take old paint? Well, to know that, you must first figure out where to go to obtain their paint in the first place. Because you sure simply can’t drop by the nearest Home Depot for that.

There are two primary ways to obtain Sherwin-Williams paint. You can get ’em via the –

Flagship Stores

Sherwin-Williams has thousands of flagship stores throughout the USA, where you can get all of their paint. From interior/exterior paint to coatings, to wallpaper to renovation project supplies – you can get ’em all in there.

You can also use the Find Color feature on Sherwin-Williams’s official website to go over a list of all the trending paint colors and coatings. Additionally, you can also book a consultation to get an expert’s POV regarding both the color recommendation and combination.

To know if there are any Sherwin-Williams flagship stores nearby, simply use the Store Locator feature on the website. The website enlists around 4217 stores so far, and the brand is still expanding its business in and around the USA.

And if you’re within the USA, you can also check out these stores via the Sherwin-Williams app. You can use the app to visualize all the colors instantly, create custom color schemes, locate colors using their color numbers, etc.

Lowe’s Outlets

Alternatively, you can simply drop by the nearest Lowe’s and see if they’ve got the Sherwin-Williams paint in stock. You can also place an order via the website if you don’t need to match the paint. But in our experience, it’s best to match the paint against the sample first so you don’t have regrets later.

Other than these two prominent options, you can also check out marketplaces such as Wal-Mart to find Sherwin-Williams paint. However, random online stores in these marketplaces aren’t as reliable as the official flagship and retail stores.

Behr, Glidden, Rust-Oleum: 3 Home Depot Alternatives To Sherwin-Williams Paint

Well, we did promise a few alternatives right at the start! Here is an overview of the 3 most hyped-up paint brands of Home Depot, which can easily replace Sherwin-Williams.


Behr, at this point, is pretty much the signature paint brand of Home Depot. The brand’s known for the quality of the finishing and its aristocratic outlook.

You can receive 8-ounce samples to match the paint against the desired color. And the associates at Home Depot will be more than happy to assist you throughout the process.

More often than not, you won’t even lack the absence of Sherwin-Williams paint in the stores. Even though the store can’t carry the actual samples, the database contains information regarding all the possible combinations.

Even if you bring the rarest Sherwin-Williams paint sample to Home Depot, rest assured that you’ll find a perfect match. After that, the only restrictions are just money and quality. And Behr is a good brand for both. Per gallon costs around $35, and the 100% acrylic formula is definitely long-lasting.


If you’re looking to save up, Glidden is the perfect replacement for Sherwin-Williams paint. It’ll cost you just $21 to get an entire gallon. Hence, for area-wide projects, renovators often go for Glidden Paint to reduce the cost.

In addition to being low-cost, the paint is low-maintenance as well. There are several purpose-specific varieties to ensure the durability of the coatings throughout the house.

For instance – the GLIDDEN® Premium Interior Latex is not only without any odor but is also scrubbable. It’s got a washable finish as well, and the paint dries up super quickly. Hence, by using this paint and primer in the kitchen, you can easily wipe the excess oil and soot off the walls.


Rust-Oleum is more famous for automotive paint, and they also come with a considerably high price tag. Each gallon will cost you nearly $38, but the price is more than worth it! Because to get similar-quality paint from Sherwin-Williams, you’ll have to spend around $75-$100 easily.

Again, the Rust-Oleum paint is extremely durable compared to the generic Sherwin-Williams paint. The paint formula helps to prevent metallic corrosion due to rust, heat, etc.

As such, it’s good for door hinges, knobs, metal gates, racks, railings, etc. Hence, if you’re looking to paint the exterior of the house, we’d highly recommend going for Rust-Oleum paint instead of Sherwin-Williams paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you find Sherwin Williams paint samples in the nearest Home Depot outlets?

No, not only can you not find the bases, you can’t find any Sherwin-Williams samples at Home Depot either. If you want to match a specific color, you will have to source the sample yourself. Afterward, the associates can help you with the rest.

Q: Is Symphony Coatings the sole supplier of Sherwin-Williams paint inside the UK?

Yes, Symphony Coatings is the official go-to supplier if you want to buy Sherman-Williams paint in the UK. Aside from the paint, you can also purchase wood coatings, finishings, spray paints, and even PPEs from Symphony Coatings.

Q: Is it better to use a spray paint can or a roller brush with Sherwin-Williams paint?

With Sherwin-Williams paint, roller brushes take double the effort and time compared to spray paint cans. Hence, if you’re running short on time and energy, it’s better to spray the paint to achieve the minimum wet standard of 4 mL right away.

Before You Go

Given the nature of the long-standing partnership with Lowe’s, it’s highly unlikely that Sherwin-Williams will choose Home Depot as their distributor anytime soon. However, you can easily check out Home Depot for incredible alternatives such as Behr, PPG, Glidden, etc.

Again, if you’re looking for quality over availability, know more about – Does Home Depot sell Benjamin Moore paint?

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