Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

Benjamin Moore is the go-to brand for homeowners and renovators due to the quality and stability of the paint. Similarly, Home Depot is the go-to retailer for everyone looking to buy anything related to home refurbishment. But does Home Depot sell Benjamin Moore paint?

Unfortunately, Home Depot can’t keep Benjamin Moore paint cans in stock due to distribution regulations. Benjamin Moore only sells its products via factory-owned stores or retailers, & Home Depot doesn’t fulfill those criteria.

However, fret not. While you can’t get the original Benjamin Moore bases at Home Depot, you can use the bases from other available brands to get the desired color. You can also search for authentic Benjamin Moore stores nearby if you aren’t willing to compromise on the quality.

Why Won’t You Find Benjamin Moore Paint At Home Depot?

Home Depot is a remarkable and reliable retail corporation for home improvement products. Even so, they don’t, or, in stricter terms, can’t store Benjamin Moore paint. And here are the reasons why the corporation can’t do that –

Zero Ownership

Benjamin Moore doesn’t own Home Depot.

Home Depot is great for a lot of things. From knowing how to open a paint bucket to painting an entire house – it’s got everything you need to pull off a renovation project.

However, it’s also the largest multinational USA corporation and is an independent retailer of home appliances, construction & renovation products, transportation fuel, etc.

Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, is a private company. Hence, they don’t have any authority over the internal revenue & product distribution regulations of Home Depot.

Alternatively, Home Depot can’t sell, carry, or store Benjamin Moore paint due to the same corporate restrictions. Benjamin Moore is a private franchise, and you won’t find the BM bases in any of the Home Depot outlets.

Zero Partnership

Home Depot doesn’t have any affiliations with the authorized dealers or partners of Benjamin Moore.

Home Depot, being an insanely large multinational company, has multiple subsidiaries throughout the continents. Additionally, they represent multiple name brands such as Behr, PPG, etc. – which are giants in the paint industry.

Benjamin Moore has next to zero affiliations with any of the subsidiaries or partners, as it’s a private franchise. Alternatively, Benjamin Moore doesn’t recognize Home Depot as an authorized dealer. Hence, it’s not possible to sell BM paint if you’re associated with Home Depot.

Benjamin Moore’s Core Philosophy

Unlike many contemporary brands, Benjamin Moore isn’t concerned with quantity but only quality. The company refuses to deal with hot-shot retail corporations such as Home Depot strictly to maintain the quality of the paint.

The brand believes in the ingenuity of the products and sells the products only via independent retailers to protect that. And while the philosophy may seem quite strict, it does have merit. Benjamin Moore doesn’t want to get lost in the sea of paint brands out there, making paint only for money.

Instead, Benjamin Moore demands authentic respect. Consequently, Benjamin Moore only wants to offer the highest quality paint to consumers. Hence, the distribution chain is only open to independent retailers.

Where Can You Buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

Well, if you’re looking for original Benjamin Moore paint cans, Home Depot sure isn’t the place to drop by. Here’s a list of the places you can try visiting instead –

Use The Store Locator

Go to Benjamin Moore’s official website and use the Store Locator feature to find out nearby retailers. Benjamin Moore strictly maintains a private and trusted network to showcase, store, and sell their factory products.

Hence, the BM stores are mostly factory-owned. Again, independent retailers can sell BM bases as well, provided that they’re authorized representatives of the brand.

Either way, you can use the Store Locator feature to find out the locations of all these paint stores and retailers. You can directly use your current location or systematically type in your address by city, zip code, country, etc.

You can also look for stores for up to a whopping 100 miles! If you’re in a remote location, filtering the search to this will help you to find out the nearest store. You can also limit the search to 10 miles & get the exact locations in mere seconds.


Apart from the authorized stores and retailers, Amazon is a great place to find BM paint cans. The only downside is that you can’t test the colors in person before buying them.

Hence, it’s recommended to visit the stores directly instead. That way, you can see the quality of the pigment firsthand. Furthermore, you can take the time to find the dream color with the help of the paint store associates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you get Benjamin Moore paint cans in remote locations?

Provided that there’s an authorized dealer nearby, you can buy Benjamin Moore paint options anywhere. But since the brand doesn’t work with popular retailer chains such as Home Depot, it’s hard to find the boxes in remote locations.

Q: Is it safe to buy Benjamin Moore paint from third-party sources?

If you’re buying from authorized retailers or dealers, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the paint. And even if something goes wrong, you can formally lodge a complaint. But if you’re buying the same paint from third-party providers and the paint peels off two weeks in, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

Q: Why’s the paint from Benjamin Moore slightly expensive compared to contemporary brands such as Glidden?

Benjamin Moore prioritizes quality and personalization over everything else. It’s also the reason why they refuse to collaborate with chain retailers such as Home Depot. Benjamin Moore offers high-quality pigment with prominent effectivity, which explains the high price range.

Before You Go

Even though you cannot get Benjamin Moore bases in Home Depot, you certainly can get alluring alternative options! We’d highly recommend going for the Behr and the Glidden ones, as they’re Home Depot’s best-selling paints.

But, in case you don’t love the options, you don’t have to commit to them. To know how to get out of such peculiar jams, check out – Can Paint Be Returned To Home Depot?

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