How to Paint Baseboards With Carpet

Painting baseboards might seem easy and straightforward. But even if you have years of painting experience, the project will not take time to turn into something hideous looking.

So, how exactly should you approach it to get it right?

To paint baseboards with carpet, you first need to remove all the dust around the baseboard, run tape onto the board and tuck the tape under it, paint the baseboard, and finally remove all the tape.

But that is just a summarized version of how to paint baseboards with carpet. If you want details and more informative steps, you should keep reading.

The Easiest Way to Paint Baseboards with Carpet

So, there’s a right way of going through the project and a wrong way. As mentioned earlier, the wrong way will result in a disaster. And for the right way, you need to go through these steps –

1. Clean Around the Baseboard

Before anything else, you should clean the baseboard and the area around it. You must get rid of all the dust, debris, and hair that managed to find its way to the corner of the room.

The easiest way to eliminate them would be to use a vacuum cleaner. A shop vac, in particular, will work like a charm. With the area around the baseboard done, focus on the baseboard.

2. Cleaning the Baseboard for Painting

To give it a good clean, use a damp cloth and give the board a wipe. And if you want to make the painting process hassle-free, consider sanding the board. For that, you will need to use 100-180 grit sandpaper. Use it to rub against the baseboard.

Rub gently and in sections. Also, make sure to adhere to back-and-forth motion. Keep on rubbing until you see the previous layer of paint. Wipe the board again.

3. Lay Drop Cloth Along the Wall

The last thing you would want is the paint to drop on the carpet. Well, there’s a way to avoid it. You just have to lay a drop cloth along the wall you are trying to paint. Alternatively, you can use plastic.

Run the cloth or plastic along the wall where the carpet meets the baseboard. This protection will save you from all the strenuous cleaning. So, do not skip it.

4. Mask the Upper Portion of the Baseboard

Get yourself a painter’s tape and use it to mask off the bottom of the wall that is meeting the baseboard. In other words, you must mask the baseboard’s upper portion. Remember not to pull off too much of the tape at once.

Instead, you should pull 2 to 3 feet of the tape. Gently press it against the wall and ensure that it is flush.

5. Use the Tape to Mask the Carpet off

Use the same painter’s tape to mask the carpet. Here, you should lay the tape over the drop cloth or plastic. Do not press down. Instead, place the tape gently and allow the sticky side to adhere to your carpet and the drop cloth.

You can not leave the tape like that. It did not meet the baseboard, right?

So, it will not be able to protect the portion of the carpet that is meeting the baseboard. That’s why you need to tuck the tape under the trim. You can use a putty knife to do so.

6. Prepare the Paint

Now that you have prepared the baseboard and the area around it, it’s time to work with the paint. Get a paint tray and a mixing stick. Use the mixing stick to mix the paint thoroughly inside the container.

Once done mixing, pour the paint over the tray. You would want to pour anywhere from ¼ to ½ gallons of paint.

And when it comes to the type of paint, semi-gloss paint usually goes well with the baseboard. But you can use oil-based or latex paint too.

7. Start Applying the Paint

With a painting brush, start painting from the middle of the baseboard. When dipping, dip on the tip. And make sure to tap the brush on the dry section of the tray to get rid of the excess. You don’t want any dripping.

Once you finish the middle, slowly work your way to the top and the bottom. Again, use a back-and-forth motion for applying the paint. And you should put at least 2 layers of paint on each section.

On that note, tilt the brush to a 45-degree angle for the bottom and the top. That will enable you to get better coverage without any spillage.

8. Remove All the Tape

When you finish painting, allow the paint to dry for at least 2 hours. After that, remove all the tape and get rid of them.

Final Words

It is not hard to learn how to paint baseboards with carpet. You just have to follow the precautionary steps correctly and perfect the painting process. And if you want some extra protection, you can use a paint guard.

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