How to Pour Paint from a Can?

Pouring paint from cans and buckets might seem like a simple task. But one wrong move will make you spill everything and make a mess. That is why it is essential to know how to pour paint from a can correctly.

The best way to pour paint from a can would be through a spout attachment. And if you do not want to spend extra money, you can utilize the DIY tape spout hack. But if you don’t want to do any modifications, pouring it slowly and carefully should be enough.

Now, how does each of these pouring methods work? If you want to know all about them in detail, you need to keep reading.

How to Pour Paint from a Can With a Spout Attachment?

The spout attachment is a revolutionary thing for people who works with paints in large quantity. It does not only make the pouring method easier, but it enables you to efficiently use the paint.

That said, the steps you need to go through to pour paint from a can with the spout are as follows –

1. Get the Spout Attachment that’s for Your Paint Can

So, there are different sizes of spout attachments available. Each will fit a standard-size paint can. You have to select the one ideal for the paint canister you are handling.

2. Attach the Spout Attachment to the Can

After you have the perfect spout attachment for the paint can, you have to open the lid of the can and attach the spout. Most of the spout attachments will slide into the edges of the opening. No matter what, make sure that the attachment is secure.

3. Slowly Pour the Paint

When the spout attachment is secure on the can, all that is left for you to do is pour the paint. Even though the attachment is in place, you must be slow while pouring the color. Otherwise, there can still be spillage.

How to Make a DIY Tape Spout to Pour Paint from Can?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to purchase anything if you do not want to. You can make a DIY spout and perfectly pour the paint from the can. Just follow these steps –

1. Gather Painter’s Tape and a Pair of Scissors

For this DIY hack, you will need two things. A roll of painter’s tape, otherwise known as masking tape, and a pair of scissors. For the painter’s tape, choose the widest option.

2. Cut Two Pieces of Tape and Attach Them to the Can

When you have the painter’s tape, use scissors to cut two pieces. Remember, you will be attaching these pieces to the sides of the rim. So, check the length of the can and cut pieces that are longer than the rim of the can.

Open the lid of the can and attach the pieces of the tape diagonally. That is, you will form an “X” shape with the pieces of tape. Make sure that the painter’s tape is holding the can securely.

The opening on both sides should be narrow. Keep that in mind when you are attaching the pieces of tape.

3. Gently Pour the Paint

With the tape in place, you should lift the can and slowly pour the paint. Do not tilt it too much, as the color can go on the other side of the pieces of tape and make a mess.

Also, if you feel like the paint is not secure. You can attach more pieces of tape on the edges where the painter’s tape meets the rim.

How to Pour Paint Normally Form the Can?

Don’t want to attach anything to the can of paint? Well, you can pour the color from the inside without anything. If the paint can is small enough, you can lift it pretty effortlessly.

But even if the can is lightweight, you can still make a mess while pouring the paint. Handling it slowly and carefully is the key. Also, Make sure to maintain a steady flow when you are pouring it. That will further lower the chance of spills happening.

Final Words

So, when it comes to how to pour paint from a can, you have three options. As discussed, the first is to use an attachment spout. That will ensure the best-pouring results.

The second one is making a DIY spout with painter’s tape, which is effective and cheap. Finally, you can just stick with the normal pouring process. In that case, you just have to ensure you are slowly and carefully pouring the paint.

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