How to Paint Air Force Ones?

Needless to say, the Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most popular sneakers. Its distinctive shape, combined with its versatile design, makes it must have for many.

So, how do you make your Air Force One stand out from the crowd? You paint it!

To paint the Nike Air Force 1, you first prepare the leather with a leather preparer and take the factory layer of paint out, paint the leather, and seal the paint on the leather.

But that is just a short snippet on how to paint Air Force Ones. If you want to perfect the paint job, you must know each step in detail. So, let’s put all the other things aside and get to it!

DIY Guide: How to Paint Nike Air Force 1s?

So, to make your Nike Air Force 1 get a distinctive look and make it stand out from the rest, you have to go through the following steps.

Get Yourself a Leather Preparer and Cotton Pads

Before anything else, you must prepare the leather for the paint. For this, you can use a leather preparer. Any type or brand will work fine. So, you have the flexibility to get something that is accessible to you.

Do you not want to get yourself a lather preparer? You can use a nail polish remover. Yes, that will work like a charm too.

Nonetheless, when it comes to applying the leather preparer, cotton wool pads would be the best. However, you can also use tissues or a clean cloth.

Use the Leather Preparer

Whether it is a cotton pad or a cloth, dampen it with the liquid (nail polish or leather preparer) and thoroughly apply it to the leather. By doing so, you will see the factory layer of paint coming out.

One precaution to adhere to here is not to apply the liquid on any parts you don’t want to paint. For example, if you’re going to just paint the Nike tick, use it there only.

Use the back-and-forth rubbing motion to get through the factory layer. But do not push too hard, as you will risk ruining the leather.

Tape off the Parts You Don’t Want to Paint

It is possible to carry on with the painting project without using any masking or painter’s tape. But if you don’t want any accidents to happen, it would be best for you to tape the areas where you don’t want the paint to be.

For example, if you are planning to paint just the Nike tick, you should tape the surrounding areas. Use sharp scissors to shape the tape and apply it precisely in the right places.

Gather Painting Supplies

Once you are done preparing the leather, it will be time to get into painting the sneaker. But before jumping right into it, you have to ensure that you have the right materials.

So, to paint the Nike Air Force 1, you will require leather paint and a couple of painting brushes. Now, in terms of the leather paint, choose nothing but high-quality acrylic options. You don’t want the paint to come off easily, right?

Regarding the painting brushes, you will need to get a small-headed one and one wider brush. The wider one will let you cover more surface area of the show, which you will need for the background of the paintwork.

On the other hand, the small-headed brush is for the details. If you want to bring any subject to life, you cannot work without it.

Paint the Leather

In terms of painting the leather, you should never go with thick layers. Instead, working with thin layers and letting the paint dry in between will offer the best results.

Now, if you do not want to wait too long to let the paint dry, you can always use a heat gun. In that case, you should not hold the heat gun directly on the leather. You can ruin the paint by doing so.

Go along with your design, let the end result dry up for a while, and move to the next step.

Use a paint sealer

Once the paint on the sneaker has dried up, you will need to use a sealer to make the acrylic paint stay in place. Yes, you can roll without it. But don’t be surprised if the color fades off after the first trial.

Regarding choosing a sealer, get one that is scratch resistant. With it, you will be able to extend the lifespan of the design. Use the wider brush to apply it to your artwork and let it dry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you permanently paint shoes?

To make the paint on shoes permanent, allow the paint layers to dry up entirely first. Then, use a paint sealer to seal the color in place. And let the sealer settle in properly before wearing the shoe.

2. Can I Paint My Air Forces with Normal Paint?

You can use normal acrylic paint to give your Nike Air Force 1 a distinct design. However, you should use high-quality acrylic leather paint to get the best results. It will make the design pop out and look vibrant.

3. Can I use nail polish to paint my shoes?

You can use nail polish to paint your shoes. However, the best paint for leather is acrylic. So, if you want good results, use it instead of nail polish.

Final Words

See? The entire process on how to paint Air Force Ones does not have any intricate steps! So, if you were holding back on giving your sneakers a unique and customized look, the steps mentioned above are it. You don’t need to go through any hassles!

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