How Much to Paint a Bumper?

Vehicle bumpers have to go through a lot of abuse. And over time, it can start to chip off the exterior paint, which leaves you with a hideous-looking bumper. When that happens, you don’t really need to replace it. Instead, you can just repaint it.

The cost to paint a bumper will be anywhere from $200 to $500. While the lower-end paint jobs will make you spend $200 to $300, the higher ends will be from $400 to $500. And most of it depends on the labor cost rate and the materials required.

But is that all about how much to paint a bumper?

Not really. Before you paint the bumper, you should also know the labor costs in detail. Also, you need to know how much it will cost if you do it yourself. So, let’s get into discussing them, shall we?

Labor Cost Breakdown to Paint a Bumper

Even though the task might seem simple, it takes a lot of time and effort to properly paint a bumper. And, you cannot really expect the professionals to cut out too much on the labor cost.

Depending on which service station you rely on, the labor rates will be anywhere from $47 to $215 per hour to paint a bumper. Yes, more than half of the total bill will be on labor.

That brings the question, how much do the materials cost? Other than the tools, you do not need too many materials to paint a bumper. That is, if you have the equipment, $50 should be more than enough to get the paint. And that is all you will need.

On that note, the entire project will take about 2 hours. In fact, if the professional you are relying on is good at it, they might be able to finish the entire painting process in just an hour.

Why Should You Opt for Professional Bumper Painting?

Seeing how high the labor rate range is, it would be natural for you to wonder whether the professional service is worth it. Well, there are some perks behind the extra cost. Take a look –

1. Specialized Equipment for Perfect Results

Professional service stations will have the right equipment for the job. And thanks to that, they will be able to remove the bumpers and the previous paint on it without causing any damage.

2. Professional-Grade Repairs

There is a chance that your old bumper has some superficial damage on it. And painting on these damages will not make the end result look good. Well, professionals will know what to do before putting the paint on the bumper.

3. Use of High-Quality Paints

If a service station offers bumper painting services, they will know what color to use to make the finished bumper look good. And that will enable them to make the bumper look pretty much brand new.

4. Warranty Coverage

Some of the professional service stations will offer a warranty on their services. That means if related problems arise in the given period, you will not need to worry about paying anything.

When Do You Need to Paint a Bumper?

Can’t decide whether the bumper needs to be painted or not? Well, there are some factors that can tell if the paint job is necessary. They are listed below.


Over time, the bumper can have a lot of wear and tear on it. And for minor damage, the best repair solution is to paint the bumper. Of course, the bumper will need some prepping, which includes sanding or buffing.

With the prep work done, the right paint can easily hide the dents, chips, and scratches that are present on the surface. In other words, you can get a new-looking bumper without replacing it.

Faded Bumper

Sunrays can make the bumper color fade a lot. And a faded bumper sticks out a lot from the rest of the vehicle. Now, car bumpers can go anywhere from $100 and $1000. But the cost highly depends on your car.

On the other hand, it takes $200 to $500 to paint a bumper. So, the no-brainer move here would be to paint the bumper.

To Change the Color

Don’t you like the existing color that is on the bumper? Well, you can repaint it.

Painting it with a color that complements or matches your vehicle’s color will give your car a brand-new look.

Can You Paint Your Car Bumper By Yourself?

You can paint the car bumper by yourself. And the important part is that you can paint the bumper without removing it. Having it on or off does not really impact the time required for the project. But it does make things easier.

Wondering how? Removing it will prevent you from accidentally damaging other parts of the vehicle. In addition to that, you will avoid putting paint on anywhere other than the bumper.

Nonetheless, to start with the DIY bumper painting project, you will need the following –

  • Automotive body spray paint
  • Cans of automotive clearcoat
  • Respirator and a dust mask
  • Wax and grease remover
  • A spray bottle for spraying water

All of these can cost you anywhere from $50 to $100. In other words, you can slash $100 to $400 off compared to professional-level service. And as the entire project will be in your hands, you can easily get a customized look on the bumper.

Final Words

So, what is the verdict on how much to paint a bumper? The long story short version is that the professional service will cost $200 to $500. And for DIY, the cost will be anywhere from $50 to $100. This cost will primarily depend on the cost of the materials. Still, it is better to opt for a professional service, as it has many benefits with safety.

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