How Much Does a 5 Gallon Bucket of Paint Weigh

Choosing the right paint type is the preliminary step to achieving a perfect result. But it’s not just about selecting the best paint available. You have to think about transporting it too.

That’s when you might ask, how much does a 5-gallon bucket of paint weigh?

A 5-gallon bucket of paint can weigh anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds. In other words, a 5-gallon paint bucket will weigh between 18.14 KG to 27.22 KG.

Now, the main question is, what is the standard paint measurement unit? Is it US Gallon, US dry gallon, or imperial gallon? Well, you will be able to soon find the answer to that, along with all the things that you need to know about the topic.

How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh?

A gallon worth of paint can be from 6 pounds to 12 pounds. That is, you can expect a gallon bucket of paint to weigh anywhere from 2.72 KG to 5.44 KG. And if you are wondering what affects the weight of the paint, the main thing is the density.

Even if you have the same color from two different brands, there will be slight variations in the density. And the higher the thickness of the paint, the weightier it will be.

Now, the second factor determining the paint’s weight is the type. As you know, paints come in latex, water-based, or oil-based forms. The type of base has a direct impact on the weight of the paint.

Finally, there are additives. But the thing is, paints do not come with a hefty amount of additives. For that reason, you can not consider additives to play a crucial role in the overall weight of the color.

However, if you are wondering what additives are generally in paints, there will generally be thickeners, stabilizers, catalysts, texturizers, and biocides. You might find other additives too.

Why Are Paints Measured in Gallons?

To really understand the paints’ weight, you must first know the standard unit of measurement. So, yes, gallons are the most accepted way of measuring colors. That is why you will find the buckets in gallons.

But how exactly does the paint manufacturer determine the gallon? Well, at its core, gallons are measurements of the amount of space that the paint takes up.

In other words, a gallon is the measurement of the volume. It is basically like liters. In fact, a gallon of paint is about 3.78 liters of paint. That is why a gallon bucket can fit the same amount of water as paint. It is a standard way of measuring liquids.

What Is the Standard Unit for Measuring the Weight of Paints?

So, there are three different types of gallon units out there. They are Imperial gallon, US dry gallon, and US gallon. These are all commonly used to measure liquid, which includes paint, oil, fuel, and water. 

When it comes to the US gallon and Imperial gallon, it depends on the region. For example, the paint buckets in the USA will utilize US gallon measurements. In those buckets, you will find around 3.78 liters of paint.

On the other hand, if you are in Canada, you will find paint in Imperial gallons. And for those, a gallon equals 4.5 liters.

The US dry gallon measurement tells a different story. Even though it is about liquid, as the name suggests, it focuses on dry weight. That is, it is the weight of a liquid in a dried-up condition.

Want to know what would be the dry weight of a gallon of paint? It depends on the type. To illustrate, a gallon of latex paint will have a dry weight of about 4 pounds. Oil paints, on the other hand, can be around 5 to 6 pounds.

How Much Do 5 Gallons of Paint Weight for Each Type?

As you know, the 5-gallon paint buckets can weigh anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds. However, if you really want to know the exact weight, you should consider the type of paint.

Let’s go through each in detail to better understand the weight of the paints.

Acrylic Paint

For artists, acrylic paints are basically the go-to option. And these paints are most of the acrylic resin and a water base. That is one of the reasons why acrylic paint is close to latex paint. However, they are not the same.

In acrylic paint, you have acrylic polymer emulsion. That makes the composition achieve a high amount of acrylic components. And for that reason, artists use it for their projects over latex paint.

However, you will find acrylic paint in other products too. For example, you have nail polishes. They utilize acrylic to obtain a color profile.

Nonetheless, the main highlight is that acrylic paints are mostly water. And depending on the brand you choose, you can expect the gallon buckets to weigh anywhere from 11 pounds to 12 pounds.

That means a 5-gallon bucket will be somewhere between 55 to 60 pounds. And with one gallon of acrylic paint, you can expect to cover about 250 square of area.

Latex Paint

Latex paints are the closest cousin to acrylic paints. And they are a go-to option for those who are looking to repaint their homes or rooms. But other than home improvement projects, latex colors see use in construction sites too.

That said, one of the main highlights of latex colors is that they dry up faster. You will not even need to worry too much about the cleanup process. Also, latex paints are generally less toxic than oil paints. In short, these paints are easy to work with.

However, all things come with drawbacks. And the case is the same for latex paints. You will need the right temperature for working with them and storing them. Their composition doesn’t allow the paints to flow smoothly at extremely low temperatures.

Nonetheless, a gallon of latex paint will be around 11.3 pounds. That means you can expect a 5-gallon bucket to be approximately 56.5 pounds.

And with one gallon, you can cover up to 400 square feet of area. So, with 5 pounds, it will be possible to cover up to 2000 square feet.

Oil-based Paint

If you take a closer look into oil-based paints, you will find that they have a much deeper history than other paints. To be exact, this type of painting dates all the way back to the cave era.

Even after modernization, oil-based colors were the only option for decorating and adding a finish to objects. However, oil-based paints today have a radically different composition than earlier.

These days, manufacturers suspend pigments on synthetic solvents or natural linseed oil to make oil-based paints. The synthetic solvent, in most cases, will be alkyd. But it doesn’t mean that all oil-based colors have these two bases.

Besides those, manufacturers might use different types of oils, including walnut or safflower.

Nonetheless, in addition to the oil and the pigment, you will find paint thinners and mineral spirits in the oil-based colors. And the bad part about them is that they increase the toxicity level of the paint.

With all that said, even though oil-based paints have a lot of components, they are lighter than water-based and acrylic paint. The reason behind that is the density. Oil is significantly less dense than water.

That is why a gallon of oil-based paint is around 6.7 pounds. So, you can expect the 5-gallon buckets to weigh 33.5 pounds. And with one gallon of oil-based paint, you are likely to cover around 400 square feet of area.

Enamel Paint

So, you can put a lot of different types of paints in the enamel category. Wondering why? Well, the enamel is basically a type of finish instead of paint. And paints get this finish due to having enamel in them.

Now, when it comes to specific properties, enamel paints are known for offering a glossy finish once dried up. And they dry up pretty hard. For that reason, you will mostly see them on the exterior of automobiles.

Furthermore, enamel is the go-to paint for painting decks, railings, and boats. This paint can also offer great weather protection, which is one of the primary reasons why it is mostly used as an outdoor paint.

Nonetheless, a gallon of automotive enamel paint is about 11 pounds in weight. And for a five-gallon bucket, you can expect the weight to be approximately 55 pounds. Regarding the coverage, one gallon will be enough for 300 square feet.

A Quick Look at the Weight of Paints
TypeWeight (1 gallon)Weight (5 gallons)Coverage (1 gallon)
EnamelAround 11 poundsAbout 55 poundsAbout 300 square feet (single coat)
LatexAbout 11.3 poundsAround 65.5 pounds400 square feet (single coat)
Oil-basedApproximately 6.7 poundsNearly 33.5 pounds400 square feet (single coat)
AcrylicAnywhere from 11 pounds and 12 poundsBetween 55 and 60 pounds250 square feet (single coat)

Final Words

So, how much does a 5-gallon bucket of paint weigh again? Well, depending on the type of paint and brand, you can expect the bucket to weigh between 40 and 60 pounds. Keep this weight range in mind when thinking of transporting the buckets.

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