What Paint Goes With a Brown Roof?

The curb appeal of homes can indeed have an impact on the overall valuation of the house. Besides, a beautiful home feels good to live in. However, brown can be a bit hard to work with.

And that raises the question, what paint goes with a brown roof?

Brown-colored roofs pair exceptionally well with green, black, tan, blue and white, pink, taupe, and off-white. If you want to, you can even pair them up with a different shade of brown.

But what kind of vibe will you get with each of the colors mentioned above? If you want to get the details, you should keep reading.

What Colors Go With Brown Roofs?

Before getting into the details, let’s give you a general idea of the colors you can pair brown roofs with. You can basically work with different colors. But the ones that look amazing with these roofs are:

  • Warm siding colors
  • Muted and not fresh-looking colors
  • Warm cream, dark chocolate brown trim, or beige
  • Most of the bright colors, which include red-orange to yellow and brown
  • Warm stone colors

Best Paints that Goes With Brown Roofs

As hinted earlier, you can pair different colors with brown roofs. But before you go all-in on any of them, you would want to know what would they actually look like, right? Well, here’s a general picture of each:

1. Green

Probably the most paired with color, the earthy green tones match brown perfectly. You can even take things further by introducing white accents on the roof. And you have the complete flexibility to choose different shades of green.

For example, sage green will give you a soothing vibe from your home. The other shades will work perfectly well too. To illustrate, you can opt for pale pistachio or eucalyptus for a subdued look.

Want a much bolder look? You have the option to go for forest green. It will make your home catch a lot of attention for its appearance.

2. Black

Solid black is not that popular among homeowners wanting a colorful vibe. But recently, it has become quite trendy. And most importantly, this paint looks exceptionally well with brown roofs.

Now, if you have a home surrounded by nature, the solid black will give your home a striking look. The colors will pop out, and with a different shade of brown trim than the roof, you will be looking at a home that will be as beautiful as ever.

3. Tan

The easiest color to choose for people with brown roofs is warm colors. And tan is a perfect example of that. Tan and brown blend pretty seamlessly. You can even take the overall look to the next level with white and stone accents.

Furthermore, you can add some navy blue, which will let you add a different vibe to the house. Also, the smallest bits of color will stand out in this arrangement.

So, if you like to make your front patio attractive, this color combination is it!

4. Blue and White

If your brown roof is of different materials, you can take full advantage of different textures and work with multiple colors. As in, you can add a more modern and sophisticated look with navy blue trim to your house.

However, do not forget to add a white to your home. In fact, most of the parts below the roof should be white. And don’t pick an off-white color. Instead, go for the regular version. That will give the house get a unique look.

5. Pink

Yes, pink is not a traditional color for homes. However, you can not deny that it adds a touch of freshness to the house. And combined with a brown roof, the pink will definitely make you end up with a beautiful looking home.

Still not convinced about the pink color? Well, let’s get a little bit deep into the nature of the color. The thing is, some shades of pink have an as warm undertone, which matches perfectly with brown.

With some nature around your home, the pink and brown color combination will make the home look like a blossom on a tree branch.

6. Taupe

In case you didn’t know, taupe is a universally neutral color. It blends exceptionally well with different styles and colors.

The best part is that it doesn’t matter where you are located geographically. Taupe color will not make your home stand out in the wrong way.

Instead, taupe will give your home a little bit more character. And it will definitely look better than the basic tan or white color.

7. Off-White

You will find off-white colors in pretty much all undertones. That includes grey, red, blue, and many others. But among all, the warm yellow undertone nature of off-white pairs exceptionally well with a brown roof.

Add some copper and stone accents to your home, and you will have a perfectly warm and texture-filled home. And don’t forget to give your front door a modern and elegant look.

8. Brown

A home with brown-on-brown may sound simple. But the home’s monochromatic nature will make the color’s inner beauty pop out. And that will even be true if you are working with exposed wood accents on your home.

Have nature surrounding your home? The brown-on-brown will make the home pop out even more. It will feel like the hoke has just sprouted right off of the ground. Your home will basically be as inviting as it can ever be.

Final Words

Are you still wondering what paint goes with a brown roof? In short, warm siding colors, muted colors, warm cream colors, bright colors, and warm stone colors will go exceptionally well with these roofs.

And if you are looking for something specific, you can go with green, black, tan, blue and white, off-white, and taupe.

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