How to Make Bright Pink: Simple DIY Tints & Hues

How to Make Bright Pink

Hey there! Want to make your world a little brighter? Let’s make bright pink!

What You Will Need

  • Red Paint: The main color for pink.
  • White Paint: To lighten the red.
  • A mixing tray or palette.
  • A paintbrush or mixing tool.

Steps to Make Bright Pink

  1. Start with white paint in a tray.
  2. Add a little bit of red paint.
  3. Mix it well with your tool.
  4. Keep adding red until it’s bright pink.
  5. Use your new color to create fun art!

It’s simple! More white makes it lighter, and more red makes it brighter!

Making Fuchsia Pink

To make fuchsia, mix red, pink, and purple. Use equal parts for computers.

How to Make Bright Pink: Simple DIY Tints & Hues


How to Get Hot Pink

For hot pink, the color code is #FF69B4.

Hot pink is a little deeper than bright pink. You can try adding a tiny bit of blue to the mix.

Color Mixing Chart

Start with White100%0%White
Add Red90%10%Light Pink
More Red70%30%Bright Pink
Add a hint of Blue70%29%1% Blue
ResultHot Pink

Note: This is just a guide. Try different mixes to make your perfect pink!

How to Make Bright Pink: Simple DIY Tints & Hues


Quick Tips

  • Acrylics dry fast. Work quickly or keep them moist.
  • For richer colors, layer your paint.
  • Remember, practice makes perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Make Bright Pink: Simple Diy Tints & Hues

What Colors Make Bright Pink?

To make bright pink, mix red and white paint until you reach the desired shade.

How Do You Mix Bright Light Pink?

To mix bright light pink, start with white paint and gradually incorporate small amounts of red until the desired pink is achieved.

What Colors Make Fuschia Pink?

To make fuschia pink, mix equal parts of purple and pink, or combine red, blue, and a touch of white.

What Is The Color Code For Hot Pink?

The color code for hot pink is #FF69B4.


Making bright pink is easy and fun. Try mixing different shades yourself!

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