Does Paintball Paint Wash Out [5 Ways To Get Rid Of Paintball Paint Stain]

Be it group bonding or unadulterated fun – paintball paint can offer you the best of both worlds. However, it’s also a sport that can land you into super messy situations. So, the question is – does paintball paint wash out?

Yes, unless you’re getting your stash from a shady source, paintball paint is both environment-friendly & water-soluble. You can easily wash them off with a bit of soap and warm water. Liquid detergent works wonders as well in these cases.

While paintball paint doesn’t have any permanence, it can become rougher with time. Hence, if paintball paint gets onto somewhere, wash the area off as soon as possible to avoid stains.

5 Ways To Wash Paintball Paint From Clothes

Here are the top 5 ways to wash off paintball paint with the least amount of casualties –

1. Dish Soap/Detergent

Using dish soap and liquid detergent is the most low-cost way to get rid of paintball paint from clothes. It’s also a prerequisite in most cases.

Before using anything else on the clothes, you should first soak them in a concoction made of dish soap & warm water. The detergent will help to break down the paint particles, so you can wash them off easily after a few hours.

2. Lemon Juice + Baking Powder

If the paint concentration is too high in some of the places, you can smear some baking powder and lemon juice there. This particular concoction will help to increase the reactivity and soften down the paint faster than normal.

First, mix equal parts lemon juice and baking powder in a bowl with a spoon. Then lay out the cloth and use the same spoon to spread the mixture on the stained area.

Let it sit for a while, and then wash it off with the help of lukewarm water and liquid detergent.

3. Purple Shampoo

This might sound like a weird idea, but it can be a good alternative if you’ve got nothing else nearby. Purple shampoo is well-known for brightening blonde hair by clearing the residues from the previous color.

Hence, if you’re having a tough time with dark paint, you can use some purple shampoo on the spot. Leave it on for about half an hour and then scrub it off to see the difference.

4. Liquid Stain Remover

If you want to avoid accidentally bleaching your clothes, get premium-quality fabric stain removers for the job. But before that, you should try the dish soap method first.

If any stain persists, then you can use the stain remover. Since these are color-safe bleaching agents, they won’t ruin your favorite shirts in the process.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

Lastly, if everything else fails, you can give this method a try. Hydrogen peroxide is a really strong bleaching agent and shouldn’t be used without proper masks and gloves.

If the paint is oil-based, then it won’t be water-soluble in the slightest. Under these circumstances, you need to use hydrogen peroxide to break down the paint. And no, don’t soak the cloth in hydrogen peroxide.

Instead, use a sponge or brush, and dip it in the peroxide solution first. Afterward, you can rub the sponge on the stained area until the color starts to fade away. Once the paint flecks get dissolved by the peroxide, you can wash off the rest as usual.

Clothing Tips & Tricks For Paintball Games

Paintball games require teamwork and strategy. And one of the primary strategies involves paintball outfits. Here are a few clothing tips to follow to both win the matches and avoid messy clothes in the process –

  • Don’t go bare feet. Wear socks and then sturdy boots alongside to help with both maneuverability and washability.
  • Don’t wear sleeveless clothes, jumpers, etc. The same goes for shorts or knee-length cargo pants. Don’t expose the skin.
  • If you can, wear something waterproof on top of the existing layers. For instance – a raincoat, waterproof jacket, etc.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing on the battlefield. They leave you more vulnerable and also get a lot dirtier with time.
  • Wear goggles at any given time. Wear a helmet as well, if possible, to cover the ears.
  • After the game’s over, freshen up right away and throw the dirty clothes into the washing machine.
  • If the clothes are too muddy with dirt and paint, keep them soaked in warm water for a few hours first.
  • Don’t wear light-colored clothes on a paintball battlefield unless you’re wearing protective gear.

Is Paintball Paint Toxic For The Skin?

Most paintballs contain water-soluble paint. And water-soluble paint doesn’t carry any toxic properties. Additionally, they’re biodegradable, and they’re not toxic to the environment either. In fact, they’re manufactured from food-grade material to ensure maximum safety for all.

However, it’s recommended not to leave out any bare skin during a paintball match. While the paint isn’t chemically toxic to the skin, it can hurt if you’re not careful enough.

Again, you might not even feel the pain once you’ve got the adrenaline coursing through your veins in an intense match. You really won’t know until the shot hits you directly.

Either way, unless you’re using year-old dry paint, paintball paint can’t become toxic for the skin. Always buy your paintball kit from reputable brands to avoid toxic chemicals.

On the other hand, the situation can be wildly different if you have an allergic reaction to any of the chemicals. Paintballs involve many organic & inorganic chemicals alongside dye, such as – glycerol, polyethylene glycol, etc. If you find yourself developing a rash despite following all safety protocols, consult with the doctor to check for any allergies.

How To Properly Wash Off Paintball Paint From Skin?

Don’t act rashly if paintball paint does get on your skin despite all precautions. Follow the instructions below step-by-step to properly wash the paint off of the skin –

Step 1: Get out of the arena once the match is over. Or, if there’s any burning sensation, get out right away.

Step 2: Strip down the affected area so you can treat it better.

Step 3: Use running water i.e. place the arm/leg etc., under a sink or a showerhead to wash away the surface paint.

Step 4: Use a soft washcloth to gently massage the area.

Step 5: Bring some lukewarm water and use liquid soap to wash off the remaining paint.

Step 6: Get some baby oil if the paint still doesn’t wash off.

Step 7: Massage the area using your fingers with the baby oil.

Step 8: Once the paint softens down on the skin, use lukewarm water and liquid soap again to wash it off.

Step 9: If paint gets close to the eyes despite wearing goggles, wash it off without waiting for a bit.

Step 10: Consult a doctor immediately if the affected area continues to itch or burn after washing off the paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can paintball paint permanently stain clothing items?

Paintball paint shouldn’t permanently stain anything, be it clothing items, accessories, or plain skin. However, if you use bleach to get rid of the paint without proper precautions, the color can fade away, and clothes can lose their luster.

Q: Can paintball paint leave scars on the skin?

Yes, repeated firing towards the same location can bruise the skin and cause a lot of pain in the area. Again, multiple close-range shots can just as easily leave long-term scars.

Q: Are paintballs powerful enough to put dents into a car?

No, fresh paintballs usually break on impact. And if they break instantly, they can’t leave a dent anywhere. Alternatively, if the paintball is dry and hard, it won’t break apart as easily. Old paintballs like these can end up being powerful enough to leave dents with maximum force.

Before You Go

While it’s tougher than usual, it’s not completely impossible to get rid of paintball paint from your clothes, skin, etc. However, if the paint causes irritation, make sure to apply cold water to the area for as long as you need to.

And if you’re looking to know more about cleaning paint from clothes and accessories, read up on – Does Fabric Paint Wash Off?

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