How to Open 5 Gallon Paint Bucket?

When buying paint, selecting bulk options is always a good idea. Not only do you get enough color for a project, but you also save a lot. However, large-sized buckets, such as the 5-gallon ones, come with a problem. They are not easy to open.

To open a 5-gallon paint bucket, place it on a stable surface, use a flathead to pry the lid upward, and remove the top from the bucket. And for some, you can twist the screw lid counterclockwise.

Want to learn how to open a 5-gallon paint bucket with detailed steps? Well, for that, you will need to keep on reading. There are elaborated steps about the process below.

How to Open the Lid of a 5-Gallon Paint Bucket?

For the fitted lids of paint buckets, you have to go through a couple of steps to get to the paint. But do not worry, as none of the steps are complicated or hard to follow. See it for yourself.

1. Place the Bucket on a Stable Surface

Before getting to work with the lid, you must select a stable and flat spot to keep the bucket on. Remember, the 5-gallon paint buckets will weigh around 50 to 60 pounds.

So, it would be better to jockey the bucket to place instead of carrying it.

2. Select Your Tool of Choice

So, for opening the paint bucket, the best tool to get would be a bucket opener. It is a rugged tool with a “C” shaped head. The tool also has an ergonomic handle, enabling the user to get the required grip.

But it doesn’t mean you must use a bucket opener to get to the paint. Instead, you can work with pliers and a flathead screwdriver. You will find details about using these tools in the next step.

3. Use the Tool to Pry Open the Bucket Lid

If you use a bucket opener, you must put the head under the lid. But where? Well, most paint buckets will come with tabs or flanges with slits between them. You can put the head of the tool right in the slit and move it toward the center.

All you have to do when in place is gently pry the lid up. Use the tool to grasp the edges and remove the bucket’s cap.

Now, if you do not have a bucket opener, you must rely on a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Use the pliers to grab one of the tabs and pull it upward. While the tab is up, carefully slide the screwdriver in place.

Work around the bucket with the screwdriver and pry the lid open. Do not lever too hard with the screwdriver, as it will break the cover. And if you do not need the 5 gallons of paint at once, you will need to use the lid again.

Opening the Screw on the Lid of a 5 Gallon Paint Bucket

Opening the Screw on the Lid of a 5 Gallon Paint Bucket

Not all paint buckets have a push-on lid with flanges and slits. Some will feature a screw-on cap. And for these, the process of getting to the paint will be relatively easy.

Basically, you need to twist the cap counterclockwise to remove it from the bucket. However, sometimes, it can get a little hard to grab the lid and rotate it. In such cases, you should wear a pair of gloves. Rubber or latex gloves should do the trick.

Is the lid still holding on to the bucket top tightly? Then, you should use a hammer. Knock around the edges and loosen up the cap a little. Afterward, with the gloves on, twist the cover counterclockwise to get it open.

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How to Pour Paint Form a 5-Gallon Bucket?

How to Pour Paint Form a 5-Gallon Bucket

So, how do you pour the paint after opening the lid of the 5-gallon bucket? There is a tool for that. Yes, it is the add-on pouring attachment for 5-gallon buckets. These clings onto the upper side of the bucket, making the pouring process easier.

However, if you do not want to purchase the attachment, you will not have to. Pouring the paint without any additional extensions or tools is possible. All you have to do is firmly hold the handle and tilt the bucket.

If the paint bucket is too heavy for you to handle, get yourself a helping hand. Ask your friend to hold the handle and tilt the bucket while grabbing it from both sides.

How to Properly Close a 5-Gallon Paint Bucket?

How to Properly Close a 5-Gallon Paint Bucket

Not using all the paint from the 5-gallon bucket is normal. And that is why you need to keep the lid in good shape. It will help you to close the bucket and protect the color inside from environmental debris.

When closing the paint bucket, put the lid on the top and cover it with a thick towel.

Why the towel? The bucket will squirt some paint when you push the lid on top. And the towel will catch all the squirting colors and avoid spillage.

Once the towel is in place, get a hammer or mallet and gently tap around the rim. Do not put too much force on the edge, as it is prone to breakage. And once it breaks, you cannot lid to close the bucket.

Final Words

Although it may seem difficult to open a 5-gallon paint bucket, you just need to know how to open the bucket in a safe way. And remember to reuse the bucket after using all the paint from the inside.

To clean the bucket, you just need to add four large squirts of dish-washing liquid and 2 inches worth of hot water. Scrub the inside and rinse it all with clean water. Finally, add 2 cups of chlorine bleach, leave it for a while, and rinse the bucket again.

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