How to Make Hot Pink With Primary Colors: DIY Guide

How to Make Hot Pink With Primary Colors

Hey young artists! Have you ever seen hot pink colors? It looks fun, right?

Hot pink is bright and happy. It’s like the color of flamingos!

Today, we’ll learn to make our own hot pink. And guess what? We only need three colors!

These colors are red, blue, and yellow. They are called primary colors.

What You Need:

  • Red paint
  • Blue paint
  • Yellow paint
  • A palette or plate to mix
  • A paintbrush or something to stir

Step 1: Start with Red

Put some red paint on your palette. Red is a big part of hot pink!

Step 2: Add a Tiny Bit of Blue

Next, add a little blue to the red. Stir well. You will get a purple color.

How to Make Hot Pink With Primary Colors: DIY Guide


Step 3: Yellow to the Mix

Then, add a tiny bit of yellow. Mix until you see a cooler red.

How to Make Hot Pink With Primary Colors: DIY Guide


Step 4: Check Your Color

Look at your mix. Does it need more red? Add a bit more! Mix until it’s just right.

Steps Table:

StepColor to AddWhat to Do
1RedPut red paint on palette.
2BlueAdd a little blue to red.
3YellowAdd a bit of yellow to mix.
4Red if neededAdd more red if needed.


  • Don’t mix too much! It can get muddy.
  • Add one color at a time. Slow and steady.
  • Always start with more red than blue.
  • Yellow is strong, so use less of it.

Making hot pink can be a fun experiment. Try different amounts and see what happens!


Congrats! You’ve learned a new trick. Making hot pink is easy when you know how!

Remember, art is fun. It’s about trying and learning. So, keep playing with colors!

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make Hot Pink With Primary Colors: Diy Guide

Which Colors Make Hot Pink?

To make hot pink, mix red and white paint together. Add more red for a hotter shade.

What Is The Color Code For Hot Pink?

The color code for hot pink is #FF69B4.

How Do You Make Pink Out Of Primary Colors?

To create pink from primary colors, mix red with white. Adjust proportions to get the desired pink shade.

How Do You Make Hot Pink Without White?

To make hot pink without white, mix a bright red with a small amount of light yellow. Adjust the ratio until you achieve the desired shade of hot pink.

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